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Nick von Tunzelmann


  • Curriculum Vitae Prof. Nick von Tunzelmann


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    1975 DPhil, Oxford University
    1967 MA(Hons) University of Canterbury, New Zealand


    Posts / professional qualifications

    2005 R.M. Phillips Professor of Science & Technology Policy, University of Sussex
    2001 Director of Research, SPRU
    1984-2005 Reader and Professor of the Economics of Science & Technology, University of Sussex
    1970-1984 Lecturer in Economics, Cambridge University and Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge

    Summary of experience

    Nick von Tunzelmann's main current research interests include: the evolution of technological capabilities, complexity and management, governance of micro and macro economic systems, long-term causes of economic growth. He has written two major books on the relationship between technology and the economy, and has numerous publications in refereed journals, chapters in books, and published reports (list available on request). He has published in relation to many areas of technology, in the EU-15 and new member states of the EU, as well as other regions. He is at present completing a comparative study of new growth dynamics in emerging Asian countries for IPTS/ESTO, which will be the theme of his presentation in Krynica.



Nick von Tunzelmann