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Morris Teubal


  • Curriculum Vitae Prof. Morris Teubal

    Morris Teubal is Professor of Economics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. He pursued undergraduate studies at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Chicago . He was a Visiting Associate Professor of Economics at Stanford University and a Visiting Professor at the University of Pennsylvania . He has been a Consultant for the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the OECD, UNCTAD, UNIDO and other international organizations. He participated in the EU project “SME in Europe and Asia ” (1998-2000; coordinator of the Israeli team); in the IFISE project (2000-2002); and is currently associated with the ESTER project (2003-2005).

    During 1994-98 he led the ‘Industrial Development Policy Group' at the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies. During this period he led the group which identified the need and undertook the design of the ‘Magnet Program' (a 60 M$ Government Program supporting consortia promoting Generic, Pre-competitive R&D). Morris Teubal is currently a member of the Magnet Committee and is involved in the creation of a Hebrew University ‘Center for High Tech, Biotechnology and Globalization Studies”.

    Research Interests

    •  Evolutionary Technology Policy

    •  Technology Infrastructure Policy

    •  The Evolution of National Systems of Innovation

    •  High-Tech Start-Ups and Venture Capital-Evolutionary and Systemic Perspectives

    •  Comparative Analysis of Venture Capital & Venture Capital Industries: Emergence processes and Targeted Policies

    •  The Evolution of India's IT sector: Evolutionary and Policy perspectives

    •  The Systems Perspective to Innovation & Technology Policy (ITP)

    •  Comparative Analyses of High Tech Clusters


    Selected Recent Publications

    •  " Enterprise Restructuring and Embeddedness: A System and Policy Perspective", with E. Andersen, Industrial and Corporate Change 1, (9):87-111, 2000.

    •  "What is the Systems Perspective to Innovation and Technology Policy (ITP) and How Can we Apply it to Developing and Newly Industrializing Economies?" Journal of Evolutionary Econonomics, 2002 12:233-257, 2002

    •  "A Framework for Policy-Oriented Innovation Studies in Industrialising Countries" with A. Bartzokas, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Spring 2002, Vol 11, Numbers 1&2. Special issue "The Political Economy of Technology Policy Implementation in Industrializing Countries", 225 pp.

    •  " Company Growth, Acquisitions and Access to Complementary Assets in Israel's Data Security Industry", with Gil Avnimelech & A. Gayego, European Planning Studies , Vol 10, No. 8, 2002, 933-953

    •  " Foreign Acquisitions & R&D Leverage in High Tech Industries of Peripheral Economies: Lessons and Policy Issues from the Israeli Experience", with G. Avnimelech, International Journal of Technology Management , Vol 24, special issue, 2003, forthcoming.

    •  "Venture Capital – Start Up Co-evolution and the Emergence and Development of Israel's New High Tech Cluster—Part 1: Macroeconomic & Industry Analysis", with G. Avnimelech, forthcoming in Economics of Innovation and New Technology , Vol 12 (5) June 2003, forthcoming.

    •  Strength of Market Forces and the Successful emergence of Israel 's Venture Capital Industry: Insights from a Policy-Led case of Structural Change”, with G. Animelech, a modified version will be published in Revue Economique

    •  “Evolutionary Venture Capital Policies: Insights from a Product Life Cycle Analysis of Israel's Venture Capital Industry”, with Gil Avnimelech (submitted for publication)

    •  “Building Venture Capital Industries: Understanding the US and Israeli Experiences”, with Gil Avnimelech & Martin Kenney (submitted for publication)




    1. Innovation Performance, Learning and Government Policy , Wisconsin University Press 1987


    2. Industrial and Technological Policy for Israel (co-editor & co-author), The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, Jerusalem 1991 (in Hebrew)


    3. Technological Infrastructure Policy for Renewed Growth , with M. Justman; and E. Zuscovitch (co-editor and co-author), The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, IDPG, Jerusalem, 1993.


    •  Technology Infrastructure Policy (TIP): An International Perspective , (principal editor); with D. Foray, M. Justman, E. Zuscovitch (eds.), Kluwer Publishers, 1996.


    •  Co-Editor with A. Bartzokas, Special Issue "The Political Economy of Technology Policy Implementation in Industrializing Countries", Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Spring 2002, Vol 11, Numbers 1&2 ,









Morris Teubal