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Andrzej Kaczmarek


  • Curriculum Vitae Mr. Andrzej Kaczmarek

    Born on 4 April 1958. In 1982 graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Precision Engineering, and in 1985 Faculty of Electronics.

    Since March 2004 performed the function of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of FIRE Foundation Innovation Centre (ARP Co. Group) and was responsible for the commercialization of innovative projects in the field of advanced technologies, by creating new innovative firms and supporting those already operating.

    Since April 2005 Chairman of the Innovation Committee at the Polish Chamber of Commerce. From March 1993 to January 1997 he sat on the KIG Presidium.

    From February 1997 to February 2004 First Counsellor at the Economic and Commercial Division at Poland 's Embassy in Canada .

    Vice-Chairman and Director-General of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency from October 1994 to February 1997, responsible for, among other things, the programme of economic promotion of Poland abroad, ran an advisory bulletin for foreign investors, and implemented regional development programmes.

    From March 1993 to December 1994 Chairman of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics KIGE (presently KIGEiT).

    From March 1988 to March 1993 he worked at ITI Poland, where he held, in turn, the post of Director-General, Director for Technical Equipment Management, Technical Director Deputy Director for the Network, and Head of Technical Service.

    Member of the Polish Business and Innovation Centres Association, founding member of the Enterprise and Technological Innovation Development Platform, permanent expert of Polish parliament's EU Committee and also of the Ministry of Economy and Labour while preparing the National Development Plan 2007 2013.


Andrzej Kaczmarek