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Paolo Garonna


  • Curriculum Vitae Prof. Paolo Garonna

    Paolo Garonna is currently the Officer-in-Charge Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, in Geneva. He is also full professor of Applied Economics on leave from the Faculty of Statistics of the University of Padua in Italy. In the 1990's, Mr. Garonna was Director General of the National Statistical Institute of Italy (ISTAT). He also worked at the OECD in Paris as Deputy Director for Education Employment Labour and Social Affairs. He joined the United Nations in 1999 as Director of the Statistical Division of the United Nations ECE. In August 2001 he was appointed Deputy Executive Secretary of the UNECE, and then in November 2001 became Officer-in-Charge Executive Secretary.

    He had his first degree at the University of Rome (Law degree), and undertook graduate studies in economics at the University of Denver (USA), as Fulbright scholar, and at the University of Cambridge (UK). He was an economic advisor to the Italian Government (Prime Minister Office, Labour Minister, Finance Minister and Treasury), and internationally (e.g. for the 11th French Plan). He acted as high-level consultant for international organisations, in Europe and world-wide. He is in the Scientific Committee of Confindustria (the Italian employers main organisation) and advised the social partners in Italy and at the European level. He was visiting professor in several Universities in Europe (e.g. the University of Paris).

    Author of many books and articles on economic policy, labour economics and official statistics, Mr Garonna is member or Fellow of several Economic and Statistical Associations in Europe, and at the international level. He founded and chaired the European Centre for Statistical Co-operation and Development (Cesd-Roma), the Italian Association of Labour Economists and the "Rivista di Statistica Ufficiale", a Journal of Official Statistics in Italy.



Paolo Garonna