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John Bradley


  • Curriculum Vitae Prof. John Bradley

    Dr John Bradley is a Research Professor at the ESRI. During his early career in the Irish Central Bank and the Economic and Social Research Institute he had substantial experience in research and evaluation in the areas of domestic (Irish) and EU policy analysis and specialised in the development of formal economic models and their application to a wide range of policy areas. He has advised the Irish government on medium-term economic and industrial strategy, and works as a consultant for the European Commission on a regular basis. He has published widely in these areas.

    His current research and consultancy activities focus mainly on the transition economies of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). He has made a special study of the impact of pre-accession and post-accession Structural Funds on the CEE economies and has acted as a consultant to government ministries in Latvia, Estonia, Poland, East Germany and the Western Balkans.

    In addition to working at the national level, he has also worked on regional development issues within Ireland, Northern Ireland, East Germany, the Italian Mezzogiorno and Kosovo. In the case of Northern Ireland, he has examined the strategic importance of North-South policy and business links on the island economy of Ireland and has advised the Northern Ireland Assembly on industrial strategy. He directed an investigation into the impacts of Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) on the regions of the United Kingdom, with special reference to Northern Ireland.


    Professor John Bradley,
    The Economic and Social Research Institute,
    4 Burlington Road,
    Dublin 4




John Bradley