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Caucasus and Central Asia Review - Archive

The Caucasus and Central Asia (CCA) Review is a monthly, online publication in English language. It is a part of capacity building projects within EPIN (Economic Policy Institutes' Network) financed by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) coordinated by ICEG European Center. The project involves experts from research institutes and universities of the Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia) and Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan) regions in preparing brief analyses of macroeconomic, microeconomic, institutional or structural content. The thematic approach of the publication is directed to capture extraordinary, non-trend macroeconomic developments, as well as social, economic problems that arise from the specialties of the structural and political setup.

October 2008

Number 2008/10. Contents:
Assessment of investment requirements of the SME sector in Armenia
Reform of the post-communist state of Georgia
Poverty phenomenon and its implications in the South Caucasus

Unexploited trade and investment relations of Hungary and the CCA countries


September 2008

Number 2008/9. Contents:
Assessment of financial access and exclusion in Armenia
Achievements and problems of economic liberalization in Georgia
FInfluence of migration and remittances on Uzbekistan

Causes and consequences of corruption in CCA countries


August 2008

Number 2008/8. Contents:
Implications and preventive measures of early fiscal expansion in Azerbaijan
Governmental structural reform to fight corruption and economic crime in Georgia
Foreign trade and its social implications in Uzbekistan

Energy efficiency and sustainability of energy policies in the CCA countries


November 2007

Number 2007/5. Contents:
Income sources, income level and the problem of poverty in Georgia
Structural weaknesses of the healthcare in Armenia
Openness and the structure of international trade in CCA countries

Challenges and changes concerning education financing in Azerbaijan


October 2007

Number 2007/5. Contents:
Social assistance and poverty reduction in Armenia
Reforms and quality in the higher education in Georgia
Investment policy's influence on transport sector and economic safety in Azerbaijan
Situation and challenges of maternal and infant health protection in Tajikistan


September 2007

Number 2007/5. Contents:
Poverty reduction in Azerbaijan: reality, problems and future challenges
Free industrial zones and the analysis of related issues in Georgia
Strategic dimensions of higher education reform in Kyrgyzstan
ICT, as core factor for sustainable development in CCA economies


August 2007

Number 2007/3. Contents:
Strengthening trade relations of the European Union and Georgia
Main factors of economic growth in Armenia
Problems of economic growth in Tajikistan
Challenges of consolidated budget in Azerbaijan

July 2007

Challenges of economic development in Azerbaijan
Financial sector in Kyrgyzstan: heading toward banking sector penetration
Factors of economic growth in Georgia
Overall development and the role of competitiveness in Caucasian and Central Asian countries

June 2007

Number 2007/1. Contents:
Pension system in Kazakhstan: from defined benefit to defined contribution
The need for export driven economy in Kyrgyzstan
The role of the oil fund in the sustainable development of Azerbaijan
Inflation stimulating factors in the Georgian budget and the need for treatment

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